Projects 計劃項目

Advocacy and advice service 倡議及諮詢服務

The aim of our advocacy and advice service is to assist people of Chinese origin who reside in Camden or in boroughs where there are no Chinese community centre to access services provided by the statutory and voluntary sector.

Our advice service targets the Chinese community focusing on older people on low income, the unemployed, and people on benefits and housebound. Last year, we provided advice on 1309 enquiries by helping to interpret and translate issues around benefits, finance, housing, and health.

Advice sessions can be provided face-to-face or over the phone. Sessions can be pre-booked to see our adviser.





星期一 10am to 4pm

星期三 10am to 1pm drop-in (for simple and brief advice sessions only – appointments not necessary

星期五 10am to 4pm
To book an advice session please call us on 020 7388 8883.

如須預約諮詢服務,請致電020 7388 8883。


Contributory needs assessment 需要評估服務

Advocacy service 倡議服務

The project aims to assist frail and disabled Chinese elderly to gain access to social and welfare services by:

● Contributing to Community Care Assessment.
● Providing (through our project worker) a cultural perspective on users’ needs and interpretations during assessments with social workers.
● Providing an advocacy service to users and giving them assistance in applying for welfare benefits based on their needs.


● 推介及協助社區護理評估
● 社工進行評估時,工作員為服務使用者翻譯以及為向社工提供不同文化的角度讓其更了解使用者的需要
● 為服務使用者提供倡議服務,輔助他們根據自己的需要申請福利援助

Chinese Housebound service 家居護理計劃

The Chinese Housebound Project (CHP) aims to provide a high quality domiciliary care service for Chinese elders who are frail, affected by mental health illnesses, or physically disabled.

Our objective is to maintain a high quality domiciliary care service that meets the requirements of health and social care regulations. The service is registered and approved by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

This project provides a service that is culturally appropriate to the social and practical needs of the housebound Chinese people in the community.

Specialist care services include:

Domestic support:

● Shopping.
● Meal preparation.
● Housework and laundry.

Personal Care:

● Toileting.
● Washing and bathing.
● Dressing and undressing.


● Benefits collection.
● Payment of bills.

To find out more information about our housebound service, please contact our Housebound Project Manager, Sum Hau, at or on 020 7388 8883.






● 購物
● 煮飯
● 家務及洗衣


● 照料使用廁所
● 沐浴
● 更換衣服


● 代領取福利金
● 支付帳單



Community development 社區發展

The aim of our community development work is to identify the specific needs of our users and address their needs through individual contact and various social, educational and recreational activities. Our intention is to improve our user’s quality of life by developing their knowledge, abilities, confidence and social skills.


Volunteers 義工

The aim of our volunteering programme is to provide a network and a range of services to improve the quality of life of Chinese elderly that is not currently provided by the statutory sector.

Our volunteers play an invaluable role in our community centre and support our work on a wide range of activities, such as:



● Hot meal delivery to the elderly. 送餐服務
● Helping to run our luncheon club. 協助午餐會
● Helping to run our events. 協助慶祝會
● Home and hospital visit programme. 家庭或醫院探訪
● Helping the elderly with health activities. 協助長者保健活動
● Interpreting for the elderly. 幫華人長者翻譯,傳話
● Helping with administration in our office. 協助日常文書工作
● Teaching in our Japanese classes. 教授日文
● Teaching in our mandarin classes. 教授普通話
● Teaching our computer classes. 教授電腦
● Housebound elderly group visit. 探訪孤獨長者
● Escorting and accompanying the elderly on trips and outings. 耆英組外出或旅行
● Assisting the newsletter production team. 協助中心通訊出版
● Helping with fundraising activities. 協助進行籌款活動

●Teaching smart phone class 智能手機班
● Last year, our project benefited over 700 members.

One of our volunteers said, “Volunteering at Camden CCC is an invaluable life experience in London. I enjoy working and making friends with our great staff and volunteers, and I appreciate being needed by the elderly.”

If you would like to find out more information about volunteers or are interested in volunteering for us, please contact Thomas Yu, our Volunteer Project Co-ordinator and Community Development Officer, at or on 020 7388 8883.



如您希望了解更多資訊,或有興趣成為我們的義工,請聯絡義工計劃統籌及社區發展工作員,余先生。聯絡電郵 或電話:020 7388 8883。

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