What people have said about us? 心聲摘錄

One of our users described our services as “totally priceless”, and our advisory service and volunteer services as “invaluable”.

Another user said, “It is a very good centre where Chinese who do not speak English can get together, especially elderly, to make friends and participate in various activities. These activities help and support the lonely that live at home and make them healthier and mobile.”

One of our members described our community centre as “A place for gathering; a home from home.”

Another member said, “For seniors, the best service is the lunch provided at noon. Monday to Friday at a bargain price for everyone. Outside expert’s speakers are invited to give lectures on health matters, and foreign languages and English classes are held for those who wish to learn.”

Mrs C says, “In the past, because of work I have not been able to meet so many Chinese elderly and now I have the chance to know more about the traditional Chinese cultures.” (2016)

Mr K says, “I come to the Centre twice a week to do exercise and have lunch. I can keep myself active and on the other hand I can taste the delicious food at the Centre” (2016)

Mrs K says, “I come to the Centre everyday to have lunch, watching Chinese television programmes and socialising with others. If on any day that I cannot come to the Centre I will be sleeping the whole day through at home as I feel so lonely.” (2016)

David Porter (Spanish Class student, centre member) 2016

“Over a ten week period a handful of CCCC members have been guided in this Iberian language by the splendid volunteer Susana. I was completely clueless of Spanish when travelling around Argentina and Chile in January with my wife Agnes. Now armed with excellent tuition provided by Susana I will at least know where to start when communicating with local residents. Thank you Susana. Also credit must go to my enthusiastic classmates in addition to the Camden Chinese Community Centre for putting on the class.”

Mr Liu (Jubilee House service user, centre member) 2016

‘‘Sometimes it is inconvenient for me to eat out for lunch. Camden Chinese Community Centre has arranged volunteers to deliver hot meal and soup to my door on weekdays no matter how the weather looked like. They were on time and the service was wonderful.’’

Mable Chan (Participants of various activities, centre member) 2016

‘‘I participated various activities in Camden Chinese Community Centre. For examples, Arts & Crafts workshop is very interesting & the tutor is good. I enjoy the Wednesday exercise class the most. I’m catching up Tuesday’s Kele Ball Class & the tutor is good. The Lunch here is excellent. I hope Camden CCC goes well.’’

Mrs Ho (Centre volunteer) 2016

‘’I am excited to go to CCCC though I need to take bus, train and tube to there. Every time when I delivered hot meals to shelter house, I would think of those elderly who could receive hot dishes and enjoy a delicious Chinese meal. And I felt really grateful for this volunteering. In Luncheon Club, elderly meets and enjoys lunch together at a Chinese round table. After lunch, they play mah-jong to exercise brain and limb functions to prevent from dementia. It is my great honour to serve the centre and I have met many friends here. I have to thank you Mr Ho, staff and friends who introduced me and my sister to this centre.’’

Susana (Spanish Class teacher, centre volunteer) 2016

‘’It was a pleasure to have taught the Spanish beginner course in Chinese Camden Community Centre. My students are all super smart and lovely! I indeed enjoyed our 10 lessons of sharing and learning process.’’

Mr Chow (French Class teacher, centre volunteer) 2016

‘’I feel Camden Chinese Community Centre warm like a big family – with enthusiastic staff, harmonic members, and everyone is playing at his strengths so as to develop a better centre. I also wish to contribute a bit to the centre by volunteering and learning French with members…The reason why the French Class continuous is because of everybody’s support and encouragement.’’






C女士說 : 「以前因工作的原因,我未能與中國人長者接觸,現在有機會重新認識有關中國傳統文化。」(2016)

K先生說 : 「我每星期到中心兩次做運動及享用午餐。在中心我不但可以増進活動能力,更可品嚐到美味的餸菜。」(2016)

K女士說 : 「我每天均到中心吃餐,看中文電視節目和朋友交談。如有一天我未能到中心,在家裏覺得很孤單,便整天睡覺。」(2016)

David Porter (西班牙文班學生,中心會員) 2016


廖生 (銀禧閣服務使用者,中心會員) 2016


Mable Chan (活動參與者,中心會員) 2016


何太 (中心義工) 2016


Susana So (西班牙文班老師,中心義工) 2016


周超才 (法文班老師,中心義工) 2016


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