Camden Chinese Community Centre

In October 2013, we celebrated the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Camden Chinese Community Centre and the 10th anniversary of our relocation to 9 Tavistock Place in Bloomsbury.

The Chinese Community Centre has played a leading role in the development and delivery of services to the Chinese community in the London Borough of Camden since 1983. Our services are diverse and cater for the needs of all ages, including services to people who, for reasons of frailty or disability, are unable to attend the centre.

Camden Chinese Community Centre was set up by Mrs Shu Pao Lim in 1981 to support Chinese people living in Camden to assist them in accessing public services that were previously inaccessible due to language and cultural barriers.

The people that the centre helped included the socially isolated, women, children, young people and Vietnamese refugees.

Due to the needs of Chinese people at the time being perceived as invisible, a drop-in service was set up to provide advice and help with issues including welfare, housing and immigration.

A Chinese women’s club, a home work club and youth club were also set up.

In 1983, an elderly luncheon club was set up.

In 1986, in partnership with London Borough of Camden, a free bi-lingual under-five nursery project was set up.

In 1993, the Centre set up a housebound project to provide care services to Chinese elderly people at home.

Over the years the centre has helped thousands of Chinese people using our holistic approach.

於2013年10月,我們慶祝了甘頓華人社區中心成立三十周年,同時慶祝於Bloomsbury的Tavistock Place之新遷會址成立10周年。